Proudly Serving Palm Beach, St. Lucie,
Indian River, Hendry, and Martin Counties



Southern Eagle Distributing (SED) has been a growing force on the East Coast of Florida since 1984. We proudly serve Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Indian River, Hendry and Martin County.

Our diverse beverage portfolio includes beer, spirits, wine and non-alcoholic options. We distribute the top national brands as well as hyper-local craft products. Depending on their location, customers can choose from national beer brands such as Budweiser, Bud Light, Busch, Natural Light, Corona and Modelo. Or build their craft customer base with Sailfish Brewing, Funky Buddha, Cigar City, Elysian Tequesta, Copperpoint or any of our other 40+ craft brands.

Additionally, our specialty craft liquor portfolio has grown to include some of the most popular spirits in our area. Walker’s Cay Bourbon, Hope Town Vodka, Deep Drop Orange Bourbon, Costa Tequila and Mermaid Vodka, as well as the entire Cape Fear line and several others, have become the fastest growing segment in our warehouse.

Our non-alcoholic products round out our portfolio with national brands such as GOAT Fuel, Essentia, Nestle, Super Coffee, Sparkling Ice, Nesquik and Good 2 Grow and many other products.

In 2021, we acquired the leading beverage distributor in Palm Beach and doubled our distribution of Anheuser Busch products and our craft brands. We had previously held the territory for our liquor and non-alcoholic products.

Southern Eagle Distributing strives to support our community to give back in gratitude for our continued success. We fund community events, charitable causes and individuals facing economic or health challenges. We also donate thousands of cases of our products each year to non-profits, food drives, youth clubs and other charitable events to assist in lowering expenses and raising funds. Our employees are community driven, donating their time, efforts and money to help with community clean-up, fund-raising and toy drives. We are extremely proud of their commitment to our community and will continue to support our neighbors whenever possible.


Peter W. Busch, a descendant of Adolphus Busch, a visionary brewer and founder of Anheuser-Busch, moved to Vero Beach in 1984 to take over ownership and operation of the local beer distributor. At that time, Southern Eagle Distributing, Inc. (SED) consisted of a small warehouse and office with 28 employees. Today, after several expansion projects, Southern Eagle has 130,000+ square feet of controlled-environment warehouse and office space staffed with over 300 dedicated and hard-working employees. Over several years, Peter and his staff built what is now the Treasure Coast’s leading beverage distributor. Hard work, dedication and community involvement was the key to becoming what Southern Eagle is today.


Current Southern Eagle President, Philip A. Busch, son to Peter W. Busch, keeps the family legacy alive with innovation and growth.  “My father and I have experienced a similar journey at Southern Eagle and we have worked toward a common goal and vision for the future. Our recent acquisition of a large Palm Beach distributor solidifies our place as not just a growing company, but also, as fierce competition in the beverage industry.” 


Philip relies on a strong community and great relationships to ensure Southern Eagle’s success.  When asked about his community relationships, Philip said, “We should all try to do what is in the best interest of our communities. It is important to foster growth and give back to the very people who help our business grow and thrive. We could not be where we are as a company without the great people who support us.”


While company history is rich with heritage and great success, Southern Eagle Distributing is always looking to the future. SED recognizes the great opportunities of the past and uses those insights to move the company forward.


Southern Eagle Distributing houses 130,000+ square feet of controlled-environment warehouse and office space with an additional satellite office in Palm Beach County. Over 300 employees work diligently within our offices, loading docks, stocked trucks and round table conference room to keep our customers supplied. Our upstairs lounge area creates a warm environment for our employees to gather, converse and enjoy meals, birthday parties and other celebrations.